Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tuesday cinema & library (updated 1130 pm HST)

11:28 am (Hawaii) Really? Since I turned the TV on a few minutes ago and watched recordings of Fast Money, all they can talk about is Apple. Why? Because some chatterhead at Morgan Stanley believes Apple could/would/should start paying a dividend. This is how HARD UP the financial sector is to make any kind of income. This is also how HARD UP CNBC is to stir up any kind of bullshit for ratings. They're letting this blabbermouth go on for several minutes. Volume muted.

I should've kept the TV off.

Update 11:46 am Okay I left the TV on, volume muted. Looks like they're talking about Cisco. Who gives a ... this is why I hit YouTube often and the TV mute button just as often. Stupid TV forks.

Updated 12:18 pm WTF? What happened to Silver Shield's site? There's a "malware" warning there which I think is probably BS. Somebody hacked his site? Did he take it down? I don't want to assume this is a conspiracy, but...

Updated 2:15 pm Forgot to check before after-hours trading ended. Was thinking about scaling into FAZ. 60.50 would've been all right. Most times when I've missed a trade, I didn't miss much at all. FAZ was at 58+ earlier today, and I'd still like to get in again at 55 or 50. But if 58 is the new support level (see pennant pattern), then I may have missed my chance in the near term. I don't have a certain idea of where it goes tomorrow. I just know long term, chances are strong that FAZ goes to 100.

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> "Only a breakdown through 1780 would be cause for concern. Until/unless that happens, all the top-calling deflationist boobs should be ignored."


(new) BrotherJohnF: Silver update - Bottleneck (Sept 13)

> "The Perth Mint, which is a government agency of Australia, knows that to mint and coin and mine silver at $40 to $50 and send it out of the country is borderline treason because silver is so much more valuable, but because they cannot confront the manipulators of the price of silver who are setting it in the paper market, they simply create an artificial bottleneck, and just trickle out as little silver as they possibly can.

"Obviously, that is going to be the reason why you want to accumulate as much as you possibly can at these incredibly low prices because silver is going to go multiples of where it is now, whether it's 5, 10, 50, 100 fold of where it is. There is an artificial bottleneck, an artificial shortage that is being created by these mints and mines that know that the price we have right now, they're selling at a loss and even sacrificing the wealth of their nation to do so."

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