Thursday, September 15, 2011

Everything is back to normal

Update 8:46 am Sleep is good. Always good. The indices are up 1.2% to 1.4% with a little more than an hour left. FAS is at its highs of the day. I examined it at 13.80 and passed on a small position. It's now at 13.84.

The "coordinated" effort by central banks this morning is working. But at some point, it won't work. Until then, wait .... FAS now 13.87. Will it stop running at 14.00? I don't like uptrends based on bankster chicanery, but momentum is all bullish for now. AAPL is near its day high (393+). GOOG is up about 2%.  It goes on and on. My Regular watch list is 60% green, though BIDU is in the red. Gold and silver are also down more than 2%.

Which happens first: AAPL 400 or FAS 14.00? AGQ 180 or FAZ 50? I'm just glad I wasn't neck deep in this market. Staying out completely on most days the past two weeks kept me out of harm's way. I don't trust anything in this market and never will. Only a few things are real and one of them is the Titanic state of bankster puppeteers and economies.

Road map markers for next week (or later): DGP 55, FAZ 50, AGQ 175. Short term, a trade in AAPL or FAS might work nicely. Longer term, we're just one more step closer to a global police state, a "new world order" and all that. It's part of the natural progression/regression. People are tired of taking shit from banksters and their puppets, and as they unite across borders against the corruption of our "leaders", things will get uglier. It's not all bad. Get that pitchfork and chicken coop going. Some folks have already beaten inflation and hyperinflation.

FAS now 13.95 as I close out.

Update 9:39 am From Scott Bleier, ever the realist: "We function in a market environment that relies almost exclusively on government policy and intervention, more than any time in modern market history. The fact is that government at the highest levels and industry are intertwined. And as we have witnessed firsthand, shortly before a major announcement is made, markets stage unusual moves both on the upside and the downside. Today's announcement is no different. We live in a time when there is MORE INSIDER TRADING than at any time in modern history. But because it comes from the Government itself, nothing will ever be done about it." 

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