Friday, September 9, 2011

What's 3 hours?

7:47 am (Hawaii) I was up from my slumber at 4:30 am, an hour into the session. But I quickly recoiled from this conscious world back into sweet sleep for another 3 hours. What do I find? The market down 250 points (Dow), then within a few minutes, down 300 points. Yet, gold and silver are down, too. Strange. That leads me to believe FAZ has to be doing well. Sure enough, it's at 62+, well above yesterday's closing price (58+).

In the past week, FAZ has gone from 50 to 67 to 55 and now to 62. Amazing. Not surprising. Just incredible. There's no doubt it will go to 100, though the whole rubber-band effect of political trickeration is far from over, and FAZ could easily see 50 again before the run to the century mark. Today, 1) the head of the ECU resigned, and 2) Greece may default over the weekend. Why this is shocking the market, I don't know. Every nation that is dependent on crack dealers (banksters) will become crackheads sooner or later. Then they own you. And the grimy puppeteers are playing every nation on earth, using paper (digital) money to shoot bullets into any remaining strength.

I've been in 100% cash for practically the past two weeks. It was tempting this week to scale into DGP and FAZ, but I opted not to. The US dollar is hot, now above 77 with all this Euro crisis craziness. Eventually, though, gold will rally on this as the heat of today's news cools off. I might scale in a little bit on DGP if it can get back to 67 or 65. FAZ was and still is good to scale in at 55 or 50, but I didn't pull the trigger. I am glad that I'm not long this effed-up market trying to beat machines from another solar system, or trusting any of these monetary system decision makers who refuse to admit that Keynes is wrong. Ultimately wrong.

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