Friday, September 16, 2011

FAZapalooza hotline

FAZ post-pennant, still in megaphone

8:25 am (Hawaii) Maybe I'm wrong. Totally way off. Maybe dollars start falling from the sky this weekend, everybody grabs everything, magically sovereign and individual debt gets wiped off the board and we all start clean. Zero debt. Zero worries. Life is perfect.

Guess what? It would take just a few years, maybe just months, for this system to get fucked up again. It's all built on lies and premises. It is dependent on you and me getting in debt. The puppeteers don't care if it ends you up having to hock everything of value. Buybuybuy, simple mantra of the strip mall economy. So we send our young men and women to places unseen and beyond to protect "our" interests. Nothing stops the petro dollar military industrial complex, right?

It's not just FAZ that tells the story. When Greece, Spain, France, et al run out of fiat currency/credit, then what? If the world really believed that gold was at the end of every rainbow and that an army of unicorns would mysteriously gore the banksters and rid earth of all evil, why is FAZ rallying? Why is gold back above $1,800 an ounce? Why would most of us, I'm guessing, be happy to discover a giant treasure chest of old Spanish Armada gold coins?

Part of me wants to stop trying to time things. Just get more physical, park some dollars in FAZ and forget everything for a few months or weeks. Or days. Germany isn't going to help Greece until 2012, it turns out. Yesterday was a little white lie. Of course. But I'll probably remain all cash into this weekend. The banksters have plenty of tricks up their sleeves. Their wizardry is going the way of Oz.

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