Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wednesday cinema & library (updated Thur 230 am HST)

12:36 pm (Hawaii) Man on man, some great video today from vloggers plus Peter Schiff, 22 minutes of testimony before Congress along with some academians who are talking out of their asses.

Also, video of bigdad06, Nigel Farage (going off again on the Euro dunderheads). Gotta run but I'll have more, more, more later today.

(new) Reggie Middleton: Enter BNP Paribas (Sept 14)
> "There's no better indicator that someone is lying than when they do the opposite of what they say."
(new) Turd Ferguson: (pm) Your fourth and final contest (Sept 14)
> Charts Gold Dec hourly | Silver Dec 8-hour
(new) Peter Tchir: Credit is from Mars, stock are from Venus, or another reason why this market looks increasingly like 2008 (Sept 14)
> "For all the talk that Greece is priced in, the reaction after the erroneous headline about Austria approving EFSF shows that is unlikely true."
(new) Turd Ferguson: (pm) The latest from Sprott (Sept 14)
> Sprott: "The world is still dramatically underexposed to gold. We believe the equities will offer more upside than the bullion over time."
(new) Zero Hedge: A declassified Jon Huntsman on China's terror of a gold-pegged dollar (Sept 14)
> "Huntsman: If we [China] use all of our foreign exchange reserves to buy US Treasury bonds, then when someday the US Federal Reserve suddenly announces that the original ten old US dollars are now worth only one new US dollar, and the new US dollar is pegged to the gold - we will be dumbfounded."
(new) Zero Hedge: Here come the statements following Greece-Merkozy three way (Sept 14)
(new) Turd Ferguson: (pm) Contest #2 (Sept 14)
Turd Ferguson: (am) Let's give away some hats (Sept 14)
> "The metals had me quite optimistic when I retired for the evening. Alas, they could not hold their strength through the criminal LBMA session."
> "The bullion banks appear to have come to the realization that they can still frighten many investors to the point where they will be too timid (or remain) in these wildly oscillating markets."
Financial Sense: Precious Metals Tsunami (Sept 14)
> The mid-900s appear to be a realistic target for the HUI Index into year-end or into early 2012. $52 to $56 should be achievable for silver, with $58 to $62 as real possibilities. The next run upward in gold suggests the $2,250 level followed by $2,500 with the potential for $3,000 or a bit higher now on the radar screen."
Bob Moriarty: Abandon hope all ye... (Sept 14)
> "I am very nervous about the general market for juniors and until the mess in Europe is sorted out, I think right now is a dangerous time to invest in anything."
Bill Bonner: Passing the gold bar (Sept 13)
> "It's time for a rest for gold and a test for the metal lovers ... before moving in the final stage of the bull market."

(new) Keiser Report: Debt carpet bombing (Sept 15)
(new) Jim Comiskey: Daily market insights - Metals futures (Sept 14)
silverfuturist: Who is Max Keiser? (Sept 14)
endlessmountain: Banking rant, XLF $12, currency creation (Sept 14)
endlessmountain: The Silver Log (Sept 14)
James Turk: Guest John Brimelow (Sept 14)
> Interview on Aug 4
ScrapGoldBusiness: The stimulus plans are deflating everything (Sept 14)
Endeavour Silver: The real value of silver vs. paper! (Sept 14)
bigdad06: Decade of deception (Sept 14)
> Guest Chris Duane (Silver Shield)
Realist News: Comet Elenin (Sept 14)
(new) RebelTruth77: Federal Reserve is run by criminals! (Sept 10)

(new) Louis Navellier: The Fed is never raising rates (Sept 15)

Blog commentary
exiledbear: I agree (Sept 14)
> Gold chart
benroberts13: Technicals v. fundamentals (Sept 14)
> "All (Clive) Mound achieves is sending those who rely exclusively on technicals right into the hands of the EE to be manipulated. ... Please Mr. Mound, tell your readers the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth."

MSM reports
(new) Wall Street Journal: For French banks, problems abound (Sept 15)
(new) Financial Times: Treasuries are the new gold (Sept 14)
(new) Financial Times: HSBC dropped from silver price suppression lawsuit (Sept 14)
(new) Reuters: EU issues 5 bln Euros in Portugal aid (Sept 14)
(new) TheStreet: Rosen law firm announces investigation of Silvercorp (SVM) (Sept 14)
Wall Street Journal: Trump's new gold standard (Sept 14)
MSM video
(new) Reuters: Rogue trader hits UBS investment bank (Sept 15)
(new) Reuters: French banks downgraded by Moody's (Sept 14)
Peter Schiff: Full testimony before Congress on Obama Jobs Bill (Sept 13)
(new) Standard Rebellion: CodePINK greets banksters and Bush (Sept 13)
(new) Bill Cavuto: Real estate massacre (Sept 13)
(new) Dylan Ratigan: Inside Job: Doc exposes how banksters steal our money (Sept 30 2010)
> Bear Stearns CEO lies on air?

Metal bling
ScrapGoldBusiness: My favorite 20-gram .999 silver ingots (Sept 14)
BullionCatalogue: Silver - African Monkey - 1998-2004 - 1 oz (Sept 14)

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