Thursday, September 8, 2011

Thursday cinema & library (updated 100 am HST)

(new) Le Fly: OPEN thought: Zagat is the S&P of the restaurant industry (Sept 8)
Turd Ferguson: (pm) An encouraging Thursday (Sept 8)
Zero Hedge: Goldman head gold trader speculates on 'authority' intervention (Sept 8)
SGS: Grocery store counterfeit experts (Sept 8)
SGS: Turtle race (Sept 7)

(new) george4title: San Diego power outage blackout (Sept 8)
(new) BrotherJohnF: Silver update - Wimpy economics (Sept 8)
Endless Mountain: The Silver Log - Market open, hypothetical views (Sept 8)
bullorbearreport: Gold update and plan for the future (Sept 8)
george4vlogging: Revolution coming to America soon (Sept 8)
george4title: Petty theft becoming common, welfare being cut to masses (Sept 8)
(new) Hit the Bid: TMZ Speak and spell Amare Stoudemire (Sept 8)

Peter Schiff: Guest Yaron Book (Sept 8)

Marc Faber: Paper currencies are rotten! (Sept 8)
Journeyman Pictures: The Dark Side of Rio - Brazil 2010 (Sept 8)

Eye candy
Street Low magazine TV: Yuri & Angel Lexi (Sept 8)

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