Monday, October 15, 2007

Amazon price is decent, but not exciting

Amazon had a monster Q2 earnings report back in late July, and the stock exploded from 69 to a mid-day high of 88 overnight. Since then, AMZN has treaded water, closing down today to 90.59.

There's a lot of lingering short interest, and though the stock moved up with the rest of the market after August 16, there simply hasn't been a lot of conviction by bulls and bears since mid-September. In fact, the stock has closed lower in four of the past five sessions.

At 90, the stock is below its 10-day SMA (92.86) and EMA (92.33). That makes the current price reasonable, but not cheap. The 50-day SMA is 84.71. One note: volume today was low, the lowest in eight sessions. A slight indictation that the selling may be done, but as a laggard, the only stagnant stock among the five in my A grade list, I'm not enthusiastic.

Pupule says: Buy if you have a surplus of patience. I think Jeff Bezos is a terrific CEO, but frankly I won't be buying more AMZN before I buy more CROX or AAPL (at good prices).

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