Saturday, October 13, 2007

Will STV rise or fall?

My response to a question on the China Digital TV (STV) forum at Google.

So do you think Monday the price will drop?

Yes, the stock will drop.

Yes, the stock will rise.

This stock will do a helluva lot of things. I've learned that it's always best to practice PATIENCE. Have a system that works for you, that gives you the best possible opportunity to get a great, great entry point. And then chisel your way in rather than buying all your shares at once. I mean, if you were in Vegas, with no way to beat the house day after day, you wouldn't put all your chips in on the first hand at the poker table, right?

Anyway... I plan on watching very closely, and if there's another drop, I'll have dry powder to add another heaping tablespoon of STV. Enough to make a difference, but not enough to poison me if the market tanks.

If Yahoo and Google kick ass with their earnings reports next week, whatever happens in the China Congress may not matter so much. And as for possible rate increases, the Chinese market has only rocketed higher each time.

The same people in China who love their Gucci bags and Louis Vuitton wallets will also tune in 24/7 to the next Chinese version of the Home Shopping Network ... and they will watch HSN with Digital TV. A lot of single kids growing up in the Middle Kingdom, and they have jobs, spending money and (relatively) expensive tastes.

8 am Go to office job (entry level white-collar job at Yum/etc.)
Noon Eat lunch at KFC, text buddies via China Mobile
5 pm Meet friends for tea at Starbucks
7 pm Internet cafe, play WoW for 4 hours
11 pm Go home, watch Digital TV for 3 hours

Weekly goal: Save money, buy gf another Gucci bag.

But seriously, take it from someone who stupidly cut his profits in huge growth stocks of the past. Let your winners run!

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