Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The lululemon effect is bootylicious, they say

Pretty funny, at times, what Google Alerts will turn up. Since lululemon athletica is one of my many alerts, I clicked on a site called, where a lady named Jessica T. reviewed some product. I have never seen a lululemon product in person, never been in the one store here in Honolulu, so her review was rather enlightening. Jessica T's lululemon experience

I can't help, but love all of Lululemon's tight fitting, well-cut, comfortable, curve enhancing: pants, coats, shirts, leotards, sports bras, sweaters, legwarmers, thongs etc. ... when boarding the Airbart shuttle in Oakland, an middle-aged man, looked hard at me, and asked "Are you a dancer?"

I smiled, flattered that he would mistake me for a well-trained graceful athlete, and said "Oh no" He made a strange face. Not a pleasant one. A very strange, " yeah,figures" face and turned away.

My bf inquired about what the man had asked. I told him. He looked confused, and with a serious face whispered. "Dancer? Like stripper?" Taking a good hard look at my spandex, booty hugging Lululemon's wedged into the mute greys of air-bart shuttle seat , my brow furrowed...

Who knows?..... I love thee Lululemon - but be prepared to rival "Peggy Bundy and Kelly Bundy squeezed into one of Kelly's spandex dresses-together" when you wear their hot "workout" pants.

I know the apparel is geared almost exclusively for women, but if it makes a booty look more bootylicious, well then ... maybe LULU will turn out to be a great little investment after all.

Shares of LULU closed up today to 46.75.

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