Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Name change adds glitter

Beijing Novel-Tongfang Digital TV Technology? Yep, that's the former name of China Digital TV. Call it marketing, if you like. Sounds like show biz to me. Anyone remember Engelbert Humperdink?

China Digital TV Gets High Ratings From Investors

The enthusiastic reception is certainly welcome news for its principal founders, Chairman Zengxiang Lu and CEO Jianhua Zhu. Lu has already expressed astonishment at the larger than originally expected demand for its IPO shares, which allowed it to raise $192 million, significantly more than the target of $150 million.

Lu and Zhu cut their teeth in China’s fledgling digital television industry at N-T Information Engineering, a developer of so-called conditional access systems. China Digital TV’s purchase of CA systems, which include smart cards, and software for television network operators and TV set-top boxes, from N-T Information Engineering in 2004 provided the technological and business foundation for the company.

That year was also a watershed in China Digital TV’s fortunes, its last loss-making year.

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