Monday, October 15, 2007

Baidu gives me the heebie-jeebies

Holy crud, this is why technology and tools are meant to serve man, not become man's shrine and altar. The chart will tell us that Baidu (314.95) has recently declined so much, that it is significantly below its 10-day SMA (321.95). At this rate, it would take Baidu quite some time to touch its 50-day SMA (246).

Normally, I'd consider this progression a decent entry point, but I don't buy this, as much as the moving averages have been true. Two of the big boys have downgraded Baidu recently, and whether I agree with them or not, the stock is selling off and I wouldn't dip my toes into this water. I wouldn't even get close, much as I like the stock. Earnings for BIDU are out on Thursday, Oct. 25. I can see a reversal sometime next week, maybe on Monday.

Pupule says: Buy small, if at all. I'm staying away.

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