Monday, October 8, 2007

Bargain hunt yields few catches

No surprise here. The market is off the charts (yes, I will milk a cliche if it is true), so I don't expect to find any of my A and A- grade stocks to turn up as buys here.

My A graders — Amazon, Apple, Crocs, Garmin and Research in Motion — all bumped up on Friday. Only one is relatively cheap: Garmin (GRMN). Thanks to the panic sell-off last week, GRMN closed at 103.71 on Friday, well below its 10-day SMA (103.91) and just a tad above its 50-day SMA (102.64). CROX, meanwhile, closed at 67.70 for a meager gain on Friday. The stock is just a bit over its 10-day SMA (66.51) and far above its 50-day SMA (58.56).

The A- graders are a mixed bag as far as bargains go. Blue Nile (NILE) closed Friday at 94.32, below its 10-day SMA (95.84), but still high over its 50-day SMA (86.37). eBay closed at 38.75, below its 10-day SMA (39.15), but I'm not tempted because of the lack of real policing by the Co of rip-off sellers (my personal experience).

lululemon athletica (LULU) is tapering down from an all-time high. At 44.88, it is nearing its 10-day SMA (43.67). At 105.90, Potash (POT) is also hovering near its 10-day SMA (104.86). Synaptics (SYNA) closed Friday at 47, below its 10-day SMA (47.57). Under Armor, meanwhile, continues to drag. The stock closed Friday at 58.90, below its 10-day SMA (59.74) and 50-day SMA (62.53). UA is the only stock among my A and A- graders that has a lower 10-day average than 50-day average. If I were a doctor, my diagnosis of UA would require a stay in the hospital. The stock has been sick for awhile now, and with a high P/E and a history of mixed earnings results, buyers are staying away.

Pupule says: GRMN, NILE and SYNA are buys. UA is a solid buy if you like the Co. I like my other stocks too much to put anything into UA right now.

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