Monday, October 8, 2007

Cramer: 'China Digital TV is another Baidu'

Amazing. STV refuses to rest.

Lightning Round, Mad Money

Caller Roger in California: "I'm a huge believer in China. They're consuming, consuming, consuming. There's an IPO on Friday, China Digital TV that's been popping. What do you think?"

Cramer: "I gotta tell you, man, you know, I read through the prospectus. I have to admit that this is as good as a Baidu. It's as good as a China Tel. The problem is, is my God! This thing was up — I mean it was up again today! It was up, uh... (checks the computer) It's up another 12, 11 points!! But it does feel like VM Ware, honestly. At 40 bucks, could it add another 20 points? Yeah, it could add that quite easily. It's got that kind of momentum."

STV was at 41 plus when the caller asked about the stock, but it promptly ran more and hit 43 plus after Cramer's summary. Up $15 (55%) today.