Tuesday, October 2, 2007

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Unless you work the graveyard shift or live in the Pacific like I do, it may be a bit difficult to relate to what I'm saying. Waking up to see such strange things always gets me.

• In a middling market, AAPL continues to push higher. And higher. Trading at 157.50 right now. Me happy.

• BIDU is up 11% to 317. What the heck is going on? (I'll look at the news later.)

• GRMN is down another 10 bucks or so. When I got a small position a couple of weeks ago, I was content to finally have one more of my A grade stocks in house. Little did I know that the Co was one event away from potential disaster. I thought yesterday's 10% fall was tough, but another 7% today is either pure panic by shareholders or the beginning of a new, not-so-fluffy era. Simple question: Why didn't Garmin just buy Navteq in the first place?

• It's not that bad. LULU exploded today to a mid-day high above 47, now trading above 46.

• RIMM, two days away from Q3 earnings, is falling again. Today, down 3% to 95.75. This wouldn't be the first time a stock sells off in advance of earnings, but it's not what I expected of this week.

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