Friday, October 5, 2007

Nintendo grooves through the 60s

Nintendo's quick, sweet stroll through the 60s may be ending soon, but it won't be forgotten. The stock has moved in somewhat similar fashion to CROX, moving in "boxes," as Nicolas Darvas would have said, and punching through to the upper 60s is fun to see.

The stock is idling, consolidating at 69 now. Today's positive action in the dollar is great for NTDOY.PK longs, but that's beside the point.

Nintendo Wii Rehabilitates Injured Soldiers, Stroke Victims

... therapists at the Sister Kenny Rehabilitation Institute at Abbott Northwestern Hospital are seeing great results among stroke patients who play 'Wii Tennis.' In addition to actually exercising the patient back to health, the therapists note that the Wii makes the process of rehabilitation more fun. According to WCCO, the U.S. Army has also also hopped aboard the Wii Train, testing the system out on injured soldiers in Landstuhl, Germany to help them regain their strength.

So many positive things are coming about because of a one-of-a-kind technological wonder known as the Wii. Add the DS, in-house video games, and the megatonage of new games this holiday season for the Wii, and Nintendo is a happy stock. And I am a happy long.

Nintendo Wants To Give You Some Jackets For Your Wii

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