Tuesday, October 2, 2007

RIMM unscathed?

Does the Nokia acquisition offer for Navteq have any effect on RIMM? I wondered this, and found that the BlackBerry uses technology from a Navteq competitor, TeleNav.

TeleNav GPS Navigator for BlackBerry

TeleNav has already been made a buyout offer, but that affects Garmin more than Research in Motion.

This is just a small bit of info, but the more I know about RIMM's innards, the safer I feel about buying more shares before Q3 earnings come out in two days. The stock is down 2.4% today and now trades at its 10-day moving averages, which hasn't happened in some time. At $96.23, it's above its low for the day (95.02).

[Epilogue: I just added a few more shares at 96.25. I could say this is technically sound since it's trading near its 10-day SMA (95.89), but I really would rather prefer a discount. The 50-day SMA is 81.44. I don't think RIMM will see 81 barring a global market meltdown.)

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