Tuesday, July 12, 2011


12:42 am (Hawaii) It's the middle of the night in Hawaii. A near full moon is above. Skies are mostly clear and the weather is pleasantly cool, as it usually has been for the past month. Tranquility. Why would I disrupt such a rare thing with a trade in silver that could easily be botched by bankster maneuverings? This was the case yesterday as I saw my position in AGQ go from a modest paper profit to a complete avalanche in minutes.

I could've slept through it and hang on to see it bounce off its low of 172 to its close of 175. At that point, I'd be 9 bucks down instead of 12. But I am not interested in riding another waterfall lower, not when the Comex is grasping for more ounces of physical silver and time is running out. (I don't expect Comex to ever collapse, no way, no how, not with JP Morgan and the govt involved.)

I take the tiniest bit of pride in knowing that FAZ was going to run and the banksters are barely able to remain standing under the weight of a planetary debt debacle. But I sold on Friday (43.03) and missed Monday's run. Why didn't I get back in at 45, before the run above 46? I was too busy being miserable with my AGQ trade.

Selling at a small loss every time it happens can be boring and frustrating. Often enough, the stock that is down a few bucks rallies back to even or higher. But every so often, a stock -- even a great one like AAPL -- simply falls off a cliff and there's no return to the peak for a long, tortuous time. I've had AAPL at 215, seen it dip to 192 and rode it back up to 257 before selling. I've had it at 360 and sold break even, unwilling to hold for any decline to 350, 340, or as was the case two weeks ago, 310.

I'm catching up on Monday's blogs and vlogs. It felt fine to be away from all the market info for a day. I was busy enough with other things. But now I wonder if gold is out of steam or if this is just the beginning of a new run. In some ways, gold feels like AAPL in the 100s and 200s. Just when it seemed impossible for another run to a new high, there it went again. It comes down to big money, and it's riding gold whether we hate it or love it.

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