Friday, July 29, 2011

Weekend cinema & library (updated Sun 7 pm HST)

11:13 am (Hawaii) The House is voting soon. Supposedly. It barely matters. There is no long-term solution coming out of Congress this weekend. That makes all other "progress" moot. I'll look to trade around the momentum swings. Or not.

Update 11:57 pm (Hawaii) Senate shot it down in an instant. No surprise there. Only question is whether this is Greek or kabuki theater. Sheesh . . .

Update Saturday 8:58 am (Hawaii) Solid blog by Quint Tatro among today's new links.

Bloomberg: Ron Paul interview (July 29)
RT: Gerald Celente: 'Deal or no deal, the debt still exists' (July 29)
CNBC: Uncle Sam's yard sale (July 29)
CNBC: Trump's take on the debt (July 29)
Sean Brodrick: A safe port in a stormy stock market (July 26)

(new) Bill Still: The bad numbers behind debt ceiling debate (July 31)
(new) SGTbull07: Bob Chapman, part 2: Oslo false flag? (July 31)
(new) GuildF40: Metals getting spanked (July 31)
(new) MoneyBags73: With 2 days to default don't lose sight... (July 31)
george4vlogging: Too much food, no nutrition in America (July 30)
ScrapGoldBusiness: End the Fed (July 29)
bigdad06: Volatility x1000! (July 29)
Jim Comiskey: Daily market insights - Metals (July 29)
Bill Still: Debt limit debate, part 3 (July 29)
silverfuturist: Gold all-time high $1633.80! (July 29)
silverfuturist: Yahoo Finance pumps silver/gold??? (July 29)
Al Korelin: Replies to listeners' comments (July 29)
endlessmountain: The Silver Log (July 29)
manoftruth: Debt ceiling, default and love (July 29)
Larry Edelson: The abysmal dollar (July 28)
> "Gold could get up to 1650, 1700, but waiting for low-risk buying opportunity. Downside in silver is not complete. We will see 30, 28 dollars, possibly lower. I do not recommend anybody be invested in silver."
Bill Still: Debt ceiling debate, part 2 (July 25)
Bill Still: US debt limit, part 1 (July 24)
Niall Ferguson: The Ascent (and Descent) of Money (2010)

King World News: Weekly metals wrap (July 30)
King World News: Jim Rickards (July 30)
King World News: Michael Pento (July 30)
Money Radio 1510: History of the Debt Ceiling (July 29)
Bill Tatro: It's All About Money (July 29)
Money Radio 1510: Business for Breakfast, hour 1 (July 29)
Money Radio 1510: Business for Breakfast, hour 2 (July 29)
Wall St. for Main St.: Mo Dawoud, Jason Burack (July 29)
Jim Puplava: Eric Sprott interview (July 27)
> 26-minute segment

(new) Wall Street Journal: Live blog: US debt battle (July 30)
TheStreet: Economy unravels amid debt-ceiling circus (July 30)
> House rejects Sen. Reid's bill 246-173
(new) The Hill: Moody's: Neither debt plan protects the nation's AAA rating (July 29)
Wall Street Journal: House to vote on amended deficit plan (July 29)
Wall Street Journal: Treasury, Fed officials to meet with bankers (July 29)
Reuters: Growth anemic, debt row poses recession risk (July 29)
> Output increased at a 1.3% annual pace.
> Jack Balkin: "The Treasury (could) create two $1 trillion coins, deposit them in the Federal Reserve and write checks on the proceeds."
Wall Street Journal: Long-term unemployment, by state (July 21)
Toledo Blade: Don't hoard your silver, president says of coins (July 23 1965)

(new) SilverGoldSilver: Here we go again - IB raises silver margins (July 31)
(new) Patrick Chovanec: Will China dump US debt? (July 31)
Turd Ferguson: (am) Another stair higher (July 29)
Brandon Smith: The essential rules of tyranny (July 29)
Jim Quinn: This country defaulted long ago (July 29)
The Silver Log: 07.29.2011 (July 29)
Anthony Gregory: Why capitalism is worth defending (July 29)
> Back in WNR prior to earnings
Le Fly: A deal is coming (July 29)
Scott Blier: A balanced budget amendment? (July 29)
> "The outcome could prove to be very market-unfriendly, regardless of the outcome. SPX 1220 is not that far away."
chessNwine: Observation (July 29)
chessNwine: Comparing the carnage (July 29)
Thomas Carreno: Sell the rumor and buy the news (July 29)
George Maniere: Stay positioned in gold, silver ETFs (July 29)
Jesse's Cafe Americain: Gold daily, silver weekly charts - Enjoy the show (July 29)
King World News: Hathaway interview (July 29)
(new) Arun Gupta: The 6 biggest lies about the US debt (July 28)
Ferdinand Ferfal: Thoughts on urban survival (2005)
> Classic, sometimes painful reading of what Ferfal and millions suffered for years in Argentina after the economic crash of 2001.

Blog reader commentary
Doc J: On debt & deficits (July 29)
beinki: beinki need break too (July 29)
latcho: De Nederlandse Bank: 'lock'm in' (July 29)
thecoloredsky: tankerfirstofficer (July 27)

Metal bling
(new) drutter: Low-light silver porn including NZ silver fern (July 31) (forum): America The Beautiful 5-oz (July 12)

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