Monday, July 18, 2011

Monday cinema & library

Quick hitters: Last week, Pete Najarian forecasted an AAPL run to 400. I think the run slows at 385-390. Close enough. Earnings report tomorrow. Today, Joe Terranova also pinpointed a run to 400.

Brian Kelly long silver, calling for a run to 55 before margin hikes cap the run. I suppose that kind of bullishness makes 40 palatable for buying silver stocks and/or physical. I'm not quite there yet. 40 still seems expensive to me, probably because I'm just cheap.

Guru of the Funkiest Kind Turd Ferguson opines (see links below) in his original, eloquent and folksy way again. The knowledge is, as usual, of Great Brain proportions. He mentions this afternoon that he wishes he was on some corn trade. I have no experience there, but I recall bullorbearreport saying that he's long MOO. Whatever that is. Might take a look.

Again, I was right on buying FAZ recently at 43.33, but wrong on selling at 43.03 two Fridays ago. Earnings season might give the banksters some steady turf soon, but I'm leaning toward another small position in FAZ on any drop below 49.

CNBC: Euro sells off, rallies (July 18)

BrotherJohnF: Silver update - value (July 18)
> BJF continues to insist that the gold-silver ratio will be 1:1.
george4title: Fight the NWO by getting healthy (July 18)
Jim Comiskey: Daily market insights - metals (July 18)
endlessmountain: The Silver Log (July 18)
endlessmountain: Trend line update (July 18)
Bob Flower: The Master Pattern (July 18)
> 'Don't be surprised by a gap down to 35, even 32.'
G. Edward Griffin: The total destruction of America (part 1) (part 2) (July 18)
> Griffin is author of "The Creature from Jekyll Island"
New America Now: History will be our guide (July 17)

> Note: So this is what sent FAZ skyward today
Ron Paul: Debt ceiling drama (July 18)
The New Yorker: Mastering the Machine (July 18)
> Ray Dalio of Bridgewater (world's biggest hedge fund) sees 'economic collapse' in 2013
Wall Street Journal: LinkedIn shares looking pricey - JP Morgan (July 18)
Reuters: Clorox rejects Icahn bid (July 18)
SF Business Times: Cisco cutting 6,500 positions (July 18)
Zero Hedge: Silver surge #2 imminent? (July 18)
Nasdaq: Gold Rush: Hedge funds' favorite gold stocks (July 15)
> "Institutional investors have bought 23.1M shares (net), which represents 28% of he 82.28M share float."

Turd Ferguson: (pm) Random musings (July 18)
> When silver was peaking in April, total open interest on Comex was 145,000 contracts. As of Friday, it was 115,000. ... silver is going back to $48-50."
Turd Ferguson: (am) Another winner! (July 18)
> "Look for the big money that left the pit back in May to come pouring back in. Not right away but in stages."
Le Fly: Gold is your best option (July 18)
Jake Gint: Greetings from Mosquitopia (July 18)
> Bullish on AUQ, BAA, CGR, BRD
Silver Log: 07.18.2011 (July 18)

Peanut Gallery (good stuff from blog readers)
SeverinSlade: I was wrong (July 18)

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