Friday, July 22, 2011

Weekend cinema & library (Sun night update)

Maui Film Festival

12:53 pm (Hawaii) Mr. Obama isn't happy, not at all, with the posturing and grandstanding by both parties. Boehner walks, Obama calls the stubbornness "inexcusable" and the aftermarket is reacting. AAPL is down from 393+ to 391.00 in the past 30 minutes. AGQ has climbed from 215 to 217. DGP has climbed above 53 to 53.22. None of this is on huge volume; short-term traders made their adjustments.

Longer term, the deal gets done by those wacky politicos. Longest term, the dollar melts down to nothing, a new currency backed by some combination of commodities arises, and those long physical metal survive intact.

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> CEO expects $1,750/oz in gold soon
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> Edelson: Silver drop to 26-30 may coincide with agreement on debt ceiling; blue-chip stocks will behave like commodities; positioned to buy below Dow 12,000 because 15,000 is coming
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(new) Israeli National News: France ends ban on arms trade with Israel (July 24)
Bloomberg: Silver may rebound to test $100 level, Citigroup says (July 21)
Reuters: Asian investors stricken by gold fever on record price (July 21)
The Telegraph: 34,000 police jobs to be axed (July 21)
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> sells for $100 million in cash, stock
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> Moriarty: Risk of deflation is enormous, gold could drop to $500/oz, but might buy 10 times as much as it does at $1,600/oz.
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> Hoskins: "When we run into a big problem with money, what do we always do in a usury system? We go to war."
Ben Traynor: Debt vs. Gold: The hidden link explained (July 20)

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