Thursday, July 14, 2011

Thursday cinema & library

James Turk: QE3 is inevitable (July 14)
CBS: Obama - No guarantee on August SS checks (July 12)
Bloomberg: Faber likes gold, silver (June 23)
Dylan Ratigan: Fed causes Middle East unrest (Feb 23)

SilverGoldSilver: SLV calls, LULU, the Ben Bernanke (July 14)
chessNwine: Stock market recap (July 14)
Le Fly: The gold is mine, all mine (July 14)
bullorbearreport: Closer to paper collapse (July 14)
endlessmountain: The Silver Log (July 14)
(new) george4title: My heart is not in this anymore (July 14)
Demcad: The debt ceiling crisis (July 13)
(new) pdlumina: Modern-day mass slavery and collapse (July 10)

Wall Street Journal: McConnell debt plan gains steam (July 14)
Wall Street Journal: Gold rally cools as Bernanke snuffs QE3 hopes (July 14)
Wall Street Journal: Many investors are their own worst enemy (July 13)

Turd Ferguson: One more day (July 14)
Cain Thaler: You want QE3? (July 14)
(new) GIC: Gold in Euro terms - Gartman (July 12)

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