Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Silver is a hottie!

11:26 am (Hawaii) Re-entered AGQ at 196.65 before the close, same small position. Can't live in the past, moping about selling at 173. Been preoccupied with some other things, but keeping an eye on the TV and monitor. Moody's talking about downgrading US due to the "possibility" of not raising the debt ceiling. Seriously? Does Moody's seem like it's living in a time warp?

AGQ now at 199.00. XG and DGP flat afterhours. AGQ and silver running on the Moody's chatter? Will it hold? I don't know. It's just notable that Moody's has such an effect on the market even though they are far behind it. Not raising the debt ceiling, really? There might not be enough armed soldiers still stationed in the States to deal with all the rioting that would follow.

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