Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tuesday library & cinema

(new) bigdad06: Second chance for America? (July 12)
(new) BrotherJohnF: Silver Update - Collapse (July 12)
(new) SGTbull07: Bob Chapman: The world financial system will collapse (part 2) (July 12)
The Weekly Telegram: Dollar index illusion and business index journalists (July 12)
endlessmountain: The Silver Log - Debt Ceiling (July 12)
bigdad06: QE3, Pump it! (July 8)

(new) James Turk: Huge base will propel silver to record highs with gold (July 12)
Wall Street Journal: US stocks end lower after Moody's downgrades Ireland (July 12)
Zero Hedge: 'Some FOMC members think QE3 would be appropriate' (July 12)
(new) James Turk: Something more important than the debt limit (July 12)

(new) Robert McGrath: Terror level hit a new high (July 12)
Turd Ferguson: Wising up? (July 12)
Le Fly: Gold is my only option (July 12)

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