Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wednesday cinema & library


Reuters: Greek taxi drivers clash with police (July 20)

(new) chessNwine: Stock market recap (July 20)
(new) Jim Comiskey: Daily market insights - metals (July 20)
(new) BrotherJohnF: Silver update - silver and oil (July 20)
(new) george4vlogging: Living in the matrix as a free man (July 20)
(new) PastorDowell: Silver update - Keep stackin (July 20)
stellaconcepts: Re: Caught in the act (July 20)
SilverGoldSilver: Paging Blythe (July 20)
endlessmountain: (am) The Silver Log (July 20)
endlessmountain: (pm) Some Fibonacci stuff (July 20)
endlessmountain: (pm) Daily and 1/4 day silver technical analysis (July 20)
stellaconcepts: Silver fakeout or breakout? (July 20)
morganslv: silver @ 40.05 (July 20)
george4title: Getting started on the paleo diet (July 20)
BrotherJohnF: Silver update - Caught in the act (July 19)

(new) King World News: John Embry interview (July 20)
(new) King World News: James Turk interview (July 20)

(new) Deccan Chronicle: Gaddafi will not step down from power: Libya (July 20)

(new) Jake Gint: Cash is golden (July 20)
> Even metal head JG has taken a sip of the GSVC Kool-Aid.
(new) chessNwine: Get in the South American bank game (July 20)
(new) Eddy Elfenbein: A look at Apple's blowout earnings (July 20)
(new) Ron Paul: The 'Cut, Cap and Balance' Fraud (July 20)
(new) Gary North: Good news on taxes (July 20)
(new) Anthony Gregory: The allure of respectable welfare (July 20)
(new) Coin World: 1933 Double Eagle trial: Govt wins (July 20)
(new) Paul Tustain: Selling gold? (July 20)
Turd Ferguson: (pm) Wrapping UP (July 20)
> "The Cartel can only hope to occasionally frighten. The likelihood that they can start a massive long liquidation similar to May is minimal."
Turd Ferguson: (am) The assault continues (July 20)
Golden Jackass: Supply, demand and the US Dollar (July 20)
(new) Paul Krugman: The Glenn Beck/DeBeers Connection (July 19)
Richard Duncan: The Ten Trillion Dollar Milestone (July 18)
Gonzalo Lira: Full Spectrum Decay (July 15)
(new) Quint Tatro: Really live (July 11)
(new) Quint Tatro: What would Livermore do? (June 13)
> It's been awhile since I read Tatro's even-keeled blogs (or saw his technical analysis videos). I missed it. 

Blog commentary (good stuff by blog readers)
Igiveup2: Bought the dip (July 20)

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