Friday, July 8, 2011

More on Global Silicon Valley Corp (GSVC)

2:23 pm (Hawaii) So how much are you worth if you buy $6.6 million worth of a company valued at $70 billion or $210 billion? If you're GSVC, which I mentioned earlier today, and you own those 225,000 shares of Facebook after paying $6.6 mil, it's interesting. At 29.28 per share, acquired from ex-Facebook employees, is it possible you got a discount? A steal? A great bargain?

There are no black-and-white answers here. With GSVC shares at an all-time high after hours (16.60), I didn't bother touching it. I still think it pulls back next week, as it did two weeks ago, following a huge surge. It could see 15.55 before bouncing again. Yes, it will bounce. What else can it do with just 3.34 million outstanding shares? This is going to be a crazy ride for traders who step into this roller coaster and strap the belt on. I'll pass on this ride and wait for a better price, then trade very, very, very small.

GSVC's Facebook stake is just 15% of its total portfolio, the rest of which is not sexy. How far can the company go? As Le Fly wrote today, Global Silicon Valley could attempt to emulate that "incubator" venture capital king of the late 1990s, CMGI, which eventually rose above 220, then imploded with the internet bubble. CMGI went to 1. Great for insiders who sold near the top. Not so great for "investors" who didn't jump ship in time.

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