Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thursday cinema & library

Under most other circumstances, a move from 32 to 40 to 38 to 40 to 39 wouldn't be a big deal, right? But with the Comex mafia, it's all pure insanity. I'm glad to be out of paper silver. The longer spot price drifts around this level, the more I just wait. I'm interested in a discount price for some physical acquisition. Otherwise, unless we get a catalyst that nails down one direction or another, paper is out.

Gold? Is it going to plunge like some bears say? Or is it ready to blast off? No idea here. These 100-point swings don't bother me even with my small positions in DGP and XG. So what's next? The posturing on Capitol Hill is about as alluring as all the bullshit lockout crap by the NFL and NBA. Might be best to take a pass until Aug 2 and enjoy what's left of summer.


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