Thursday, July 28, 2011

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6:57 pm (Hawaii) While I was a) working through the morning, b) sleeping in the afternoon after being up all night, c) driving across town to stores and a mall ... the gang at Capitol Hill accomplished a whole lot.

A whole lot of nothing. So the market was largely indecisive and there was not a whole lot of action. I saw AAPL move higher and BIDU sell off a bit. I saw silver get clubbed below 40. But generally, it was a lot of sitting on the sidelines for the most part as everyone waited on America's mercenaries to get something done about this debt ceiling crisis.

All I knew as I went about my voyage today is that the talk radio guys weren't happy. Republicans weren't happy. Dems weren't happy. Nobody was happy. I got to the Apple store at Ala Moana and checked in. The vote on the latest bill was delayed. Boehner wasn't going to get his numbers.

The thing is, it doesn't really matter. Deciding what brand of bandage to put on a fatal disease is mind-numbing when they can't decide for days and weeks and months. The real issue is how to completely change course, to slice off the toxins that plague the body of America and move forward in a healthy way. Delaying things just allows those toxins to kill more of the body. Why do we as a country have such a hard, hard time just doing that? We know the ramifications of stalling this out. Or is that just fluffy rhetoric anyway?

More and more, it seems likely that the invasions of Libya and other Middle East/North African energy sources is all about taking what we want. Again. If the little guys don't like it, tough. We've stiffed the world many times before — six defaults, including three in the past century — and left dollar-holders sucking wind, holding the bag.

So my little trek around town has come to a pit stop with dinner at a mall. I'm left to ponder what happens with gold and silver, the dollar and our economy. How will my friends get new jobs? How will America stave off a Depression? Frankly, if I had some land out in the country, I'd be just fine learning how to grow vegetables and raise chickens. I don't need a whole lot to be happy. The elephants and donkeys on the Hill can posture and wheeze all they like. The older I get, the simpler my vision has become.

The more they screw up, the cheaper precious metals get, and the more I will stack. The more I prepare, the less I have to fear. Fresh eggs, anyone?

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