Friday, July 15, 2011

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Vista Theater, Hollywood

Note: Watching Peter Schiff talk on CNBC, pointing out the same as always: PIIGS are in no position to avoid default, which helps the Euro long term, while the US prints its way into inflation. Funny how he shows up on Money in Motion Currency instead of Fast Money.

(new) John Birch Society: Overview of America (part 1) (part 2) (July 17)
TheStreet: Cramer: Two sectors to sell (July 15)
The Weekly Telegram: Jim Sinclair and gold mining stocks (July 15)
> Note: Interesting that the host asks if he will sell the physical, and he says GLD. Does he ever talk about physical gold?
HBO: Too Big to Fail (20-min trailer) (June 9)
(new) Journeyman Pictures: Ghost Cities - China (Apr 18 2011)
• Mike Maloney called this a few years back, a real estate bubble burst in China

(new) SilverGoldSilver: Here we go ... silver, gold on the move (July 17)
(new) wafdawg: Debt debate outcome so predictable (July 17)
(new) Turd Ferguson: Blythe and Ruprecht Return (updated) (July 17)
(new) SilverMapleLeafs: Sell your house and buy silver? (July 17)
(new) george4title: Why America needs to collapse (July 17)
(new) H1INC: Debt limit go ya bummed? (July 17)
(new) george4title: Transition into healthy eating and living (July 17)
(new) Alexiscom1: Silver update (improved audio) (July 17)
chessNwine: Weekly market wrap (July 16)
BrotherJohnF: Silver update - Value (July 15)
Jim Comiskey: Daily market insights - metals (July 15)
bigdad06: Gary Yantis returns! (July 15)
Gary Yantis: An engineer's look at silver (July 15)
endlessmountain: (pm) Silver Uptrend - Failed moves, options (July 15)
PastorDowell: Gold and silver on the rise again (July 15)
PastorDowell: Max Keiser 1 oz silver round (July 15)
george4title: Sweet potato leaves (July 15)
Peter Schiff Radio: Obama administration vs. Amish (July 15)
BrotherJohnF: Silver update - Blast off (July 14)
stellaconcepts: Silver up $4.50 in 3 days, what's next? (July 14) John Williams talks with Jim Puplava (July 14)
Howard Lindzon: Talking coffee and social media stocks (July 12)
Larry Edelson: Contagion! (July 12)
> Two weeks ago, Edelson predicted a drop in Spot Silver to 26. "I don't believe we'll get higher than 40, we won't get new highs for a couple of years. I still expect a retest of the 30 and 28 levels."
MrWoodeye: Season of Treason (June 14)
Silver100oz: Gold and silver (anime) (Dec 12 2010)
Matrix Rebellion: The Money Masters (part 1 of 22) (Jan 2 2009)

Contrary Investors Cafe: James Turk interview (June 30)

> Note: FAZ flat today (47.70). Still regret selling at 43.03!
Wall Street Journal: China stumbles in yuan grand plan (July 15)

(new) Wall Street Examiner: Fiscal suicide (part 1) (part 2) (July 17)
(new) Occupy Wall St - Tahrir style (July 16)
Martin Armstrong: Clarification (July 15)
Jim Sinclair: Jim's mailbox (July 15)
Turd Ferguson: Turd back (July 15)
> "When it begins printing numbers that begin with '4', open interest will explode as big money will rapidly return to the pit. ... I expect silver to rapidly advance toward 48-50."
Jesse's Cafe Americain: Global gold reserves update (July 15)
The Silver Log: 07.15.2011 (July 15)
> He is still bullish on GSVC, sees $24 near term
Le Fly: (am) Going back in (July 15)
> He likes VCLK, CRZO
Jake Gint: Bullish on NUGT (July 15)
chessNwine: Breakout in SWN (July 15)
Peter Schiff: It ain't money if I can't print it! (July 15)
Robert Blumen: US to return to gold standard, really (July 15)
David Galland: The greater depression is upon us (July 15)
George Maniere: How far can GLD run? (July 15)
> Berry: 'Look for $1,700/oz gold by the end of year.'
Brian Hicks: The best (and worst) silver rounds (July 15)
(new) Martin Armstrong: Spending v. Systemic Reform (July 14)
Survival Blog: A prepper goes to college (July 14)
(new) Martin Armstrong: Gold - The final frontier? (July 13)
Gary North: Baloney (July 13)
Gary North: On the road to govt default (July 9)

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Fortinbras: @Gramp (July 16)
TheGoodDoctor: Trading in this environment (July 15)

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