Friday, July 8, 2011


2:59 am (Hawaii) Gold is loving the jobs report released 30 minutes ago. Silver, too.

CNBC: Estimates called for 125,000 new jobs. Only 18,000 were created. No wonder the market was so bullish the past two weeks. Somehow, I can't help thinking a game was being played, an illusion. A mere illusion. Now it looks like the Dow will drop 200 points today. Dow futures are now -138.

3:04 am (Hawaii) Sensei Turd chimes in.

3:18 am (Hawaii) Just opened small positions in FAZ, AGQ and have a limit order for XG. Time frame is longer than a few minutes, that's for sure. But maybe less than a day. Or more than a day. Flexible here.

This jobs report may be the fuel the White House/Fed knew it would put on center stage to justify QE3. Or not.

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