Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Midnight cinema & library


King World News: Andrew Maguire interview (July 11)


BrotherJohnF: Phony debt limit (July 11)

silverfuturist: Andrew Maguire speaks - Chinese exchange, Comex (July 11)

george4title: It's all coming down now! (July 11)

george4vlogging: Life after the collapse (July 11)

Bob Flower: The Master Pattern (July 11)

zen5678: Those with Power: The Global Elites (July 11)

endlessmountain: The Silver Log - quick update (July 11)

VPChicago: Live below your means (July 11)

chessNwine: Market recap (July 11)

JakeGint: Silence is golden (July 11)

Reports & Blogs

Jim Rogers: 'We are going to default one way or the other' (July 11)

Le Fly: Market is heading lower (July 11)

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