Monday, July 25, 2011

Monday cinema & library (updated)

TheStreet: They just don't get Apple (July 25)
CNBC: Fast Money final trade (July 25)
CNBC: Netflix falls 8% (July 25)
CNBC: Baidu reports earnings (July 25)

(new) ukipmedia: Nigel Farage, Lord Liddel (July 25)
> Farage is blunt and effective, but it's the caller (Joyce) to this morning radio show who sticks it to the Euro apologists so, so well.
SilverGoldSilver: SLV manipulation caught on video, part 2 (July 25)
Bill Still: Debt ceiling debate (July 25)
stellaconcepts: Stella does the USA (July 25)
cleburne61: The Life of a Silver Hitman (July 23)


Chicago Fed: National Activity Index declines (July 25)
MarketWatch: Apple outperforming gold (July 25)

Turd Ferguson: (am) Headed to the airport (July 25)
Turd Ferguson: (pm) Dried out and ready (July 25)
> "The open interest numbers, particularly in silver, are still so low that it's going to be very difficult for a cascade/waterfall to develop."
Economic Policy Journal: Projection on when Treasury balance goes negative (July 25)
Peter Tchir: Bread, circuses, cake and markets (July 25)
Peter Klein: There is life after default (July 25)
Merv Burak: Technically precious (July 25)
Larry Edelson: Who says the US has never defaulted? (July 25)
Sara Nunnally: No matter what, but silver (July 25)
Martin Weiss: Countdown to D-Day (July 25)
Gold Report: Eric Lemieux: No gold bubble (July 25)
Harvey Organ: No news on US debt ceiling (July 25)
Jim Sinclair: In the news today (July 25)
Corey Rosenbloom: Cross-market compression levels to watch (July 24)
Don't Tread on Me: Another silver drive-by-shooting coming? (July 24)
Gary North: Counterfeit gold standards (July 23)
Dan Norcini: Trader Dan on King World News (July 23)
> "The key for the gold market is whether or not it can continue to attract fresh buying from both existing long holders ... and from those who are just coming into the gold market."
Vedran Vuk/Jeff Clark: An undercurrent to gold? (July 22)
George Silgin: The folly that is 'local' currency (July 14)

Blog readers commentary
ScottJ: Two double bottoms forming (July 25)
TheGoodDoctor: @Peace Silver I read Larry (July 25)

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