Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Maguire Effect?

Here's the Maguire video again. See him at 1:25.

11:24 am (Hawaii) How much of gold and silver's run this week has to do with the re-emergence of Andrew Maguire? Seriously. Though the PMs were due for a bounce, Maguire's assertions cannot be ignored. He's even been interviewed on video, talking about China's new Pan Asia Gold Exchange. That has basically shut down all the naysayers who claimed there had never been an Andrew Maguire, that he was a fabrication, etc.

So maybe he isn't a catalyst. I tend to think he is, along with several other co-mingling factors. There is no way to talk about silver, gold and the CME/Comex mafia/JP Morgan/Fed without mentioning Maguire and his tribulations. It's the stuff movies are made of. Steve Buscemi as Andrew Maguire? We'll see how this year plays out as Comex's physical silver numbers continue to shrink. I don't think CME will ever go empty (on paper). They'll fudge and cheat like the bitches they are, and we'll never see ZERO silver on any report. Come on. They have the backing of Uncle Sam, people! But I do think physical gold and silver go higher. And higher. And higher. So will the price of commodities and goods. Mike Maloney says deflation followed by hyperinflation. Gold and silver will protect value. That's key, no matter how many traders prefer to ride NFLX to infinity. At some point, the market succumbs to dying fiat currency and it'll take too long to convert gains in NFLX to fiat, withdraw it and turn the fiat into gold and silver, with delivery. Especially if you're competing with millions of other traders at the same time.

I'm not at 1,000 or even 100 ounces of metal yet. But I'm getting there. Just an average guy trying to avoid the fate of most hard-working Americans because of a hooligan government overrun by banksters.

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