Friday, July 1, 2011

Weekend library & cinema (updated July 4)

Ephesus, Greece

(new) morganslv: silver @ 34.17 (July 4 2011)
(new) The Weekly Telegram: Epic fail by US media on 4th of July (July 4 2011)
(new) Anonymous: Class action lawsuit against Federal Reserve (June 28 2011)
(new) The Weekly Telegram: Too big to fail or too big to succeed? (July 2 2011)
(new) The Weekly Telegram: How not to get scammed from a bank run (June 26 2011)
(new) Corbett Report: Radiation coverups confirmed (July 3 2011)
• Los Alamos, Fort Calhoun, Fukushima, TSA
• Sprott, Martenson, Bix Weir
MaxKeiserTV: Keiser speaks to lawyers in Athens (July 2 2011)
• Keiser: Greece should go on the offensive
silverfuturist: Silver to shine in global, not national, currency crisis (July 1 2011)
morganslv: Silver @ 33.84 (July 1 2011)
george4title: Southern California to secede (July 1 2011)
Yahoo: 'No way' Ft. Calhoun turns into American Fukushima, nuclear expert says (July 1 2011)
Yahoo: Deep recession, financial chaose if debt ceiling isn't raised, Zandi says (July 1 2011)
• This guy also says Jamie Dimon would be 'fabulous' as Geithner's replacement. Fucking banksters.
Fox: Precious metals fall Friday (July 1 2011)
Bloomberg: Apple-backed group wins Nortel patents for $4.5 billion (July 1 2011)
Bloomberg: Pollack sees buying opportunity in Chinese stocks (July 1 2011)
Bloomberg: EU's Rehn is 'confident' of paying next Greek Tranche (July 1 2011)
Fox: Construction spending slips in May (July 1 2011)
Bloomberg: Rice says Zynga pressured by competition to speed IPO (July 1 2011)
Alex Jones: Million man march dares Obama, NATO to invade (July 1 2011)
CNBC: Food inflation bites your BBQ (July 1 2011)
CNBC: The Communist Party of China's road to power (July 1 2011)
CNBC: Getting to know Yingluck Shinawatra (July 1 2011)
visionvictory: Collapse of the annual summer recovery (July 1 2011)
paladex77: Government Debt and You (July 1 2011)
• An updated edition of 'Economic Armageddon and You'
Jim Rogers: Goldseek Radio (June 30 2011)
Yahoo: Obama & Wall St: Is the love affair really over? (June 30 2011)
Yahoo: Newest gov solution: Free money for struggling home owners (June 30 2011)
Larry Edelson: Don't expect too much right now (June 30 2011)
• Does he ever talk about the effect of QE?
NTD: China news (June 30 2011)
drutter: 17-month trading channel in silver remains intact - barely (June 30 2011)
• Pan Asia Gold Exchange opens; see Maguire at 1:25
Wikileaks: Banking blockade (June 28 2011)
999SoundMoney: Every cloud has a silver lining (June 22 2011)
(new) Richard Gless: Talks about investing in gold and silver (June 19 2011)
TheSurvivalSummary: The Toilet Paper Scam - Proof of Inflation (Jan 29 2011)

Reports & Blogs
(new) Bloomberg: Radioactive Cesium is found in Tokyo water (July 3 2011)
(new) Reuters: Huge rare earth deposits found in Pacific: Japan experts (July 4 2011)
(new) Zero Hedge: Banks commence wholesale, unsolicited mortgage-debt forgiveness (July 3 2011)
AP: Defiant Gadhafi threatens attacks in Europe (July 2 2011)
AP: Exxon oil spill in Montana river prompts evacuations (July 2 2011)
Ubergizmo: Gold-dispensing ATM installed at London's Westfield Shopping Center (July 1 2011)
Silver Shield: Deja vu in silver (July 1 2011)
Dan Norcini: Australian Reserve bank director issues sobering warning (July 1 2011)
Business Day: Global 'train wreck' coming (July 1 2011)
Turd Ferguson: The Doldrum Whipsaw (July 1 2011)
Zero Hedge: UM consumer confidence misses expectations (July 1 2011)
Zero Hedge: The Kubler-Ross model of terminal Keynesian unwind (July 1 2011) Zynga IPO registration statement (July 1 2011)
Ron Holland; Where will you go when the sovereign debt volcano blows (July 1 2011)
Chuck Butler: Greek parliament votes to 'implement' austerity measures (July 1 2011)
Morningstar: Why the Greek bailout won't work (June 30 2011)
Gary North: Just say no to school vouchers again (June 30 2011) Canada's 'housing bubble' deemed close to bursting (June 29 2011)
Jeffrey Lewis: Is the silver ETF bleeding to save the Comex? (June 29 2011)

Andrew Maguire lives (see 1:25)

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