Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tuesday cinema & library (midnight update)

1:41 pm (Hawaii) I admit it. Unless I'm physically away from a computer, there's no way I can sit and not pay attention to spot prices of gold (currently 1619) and silver (40.81). Almost as bad: I check many times a day the price of physical metal I've bought. I know it takes so little to knock down the price of spot and an American Silver Eagle, but it's addicting to look for the price.

I also know that if the CME mafia were to completely decapitate gold and silver, I'd be buying at bargain levels without regret. So would a lot of people. So would a lot of investors, hedge funds, billionaires and central banks. With the CME mafia protecting 41 in silver and 1625 in gold, price could scale down below 39 and 1575 overnight. Or in minutes. I'm prepared for possibilities.

Update 3:45 pm (Hawaii) By far, the best read of the day, perhaps the week and month, is from Silver Shield. His long piece on China, the Hong Kong Metals Exchange (now trading silver futures), the En+ Group and the Rothschilds is a fascinating read, even for doubters.

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> He reveals how fucked up TV mainstream media really is when it comes to truth-telling.


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