Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wednesday midnight library & cinema

Sitar Library

9:18 pm (Hawaii) Another huge run for silver and gold, two days in a row following a three-day weekend. I didn't touch a thing, still mostly in cash with a bit of DGP and a growing stack of physical. Turd Ferguson warns against overexcitement, noting that the CME mafia often kneecaps the spot market 24 hours before jobs reports (due Friday).

This range between 33 and 39 can be unnerving if you have no plan. My plan is to ride it out with as much dry powder at my side as possible and load up gradually as the doldrums of summer cease. Patience is golden. If I've missed the boat, I've missed the boat. My favorite miners, XG and EXK, made huge gains again and topped my Metals list. It's not a lack of faith in their business models and potential. I am just another trader who is cautious about blatant manipulation by the CME mafia. I can wait. And wait.

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