Sunday, August 7, 2011

Balance and Focus

10:24 am (Hawaii) It's less than 2 hours until the Asian markets open. As noted on Zero Hedge, the weight of dysfunctional, declining fiat- and fractional reserve-based monetary systems are common knowledge now. Or, at least, becoming more common knowledge. It's going to be tough enough for the US dollar when peon workers (like me) claim their money and pull them out of these banks, preferring alternative means to preserving their capital (rather than losing 4.5% annually to inflation).

It's going to be unstoppable once Central Banks buy more and more gold and less and less US dollars/Treasuries. Sure, I won't be surprised by any kind of wicked pullback in PMs in the next 24 hours. Asia could propel gold to new highs in 90 minutes. But when Asia closes and US govt puppeteers go to work before stateside indices open, the tyranny should be upon us.


So, I'm prepared in different ways. I've acquired more physical over the weekend. I may add more when Asia closes and gold + silver get trampled by algos/bots/puppeteers. It is tempting to go "all in" on PMs at this point, but the G-7 machinations are in place after their heads met this weekend. They're not going down without a fight, especially when they have the audacity* to think they can win this.

Meanwhile, their private money managers are snapping up all the metal they possibly can. Only the very few in that circle truly believe fiat currency will prevail eternally. I'm not expecting to get rich. I want to survive intact without letting my dollars shrivel to dust. More and more, that means getting out of dollars and into gold, silver and plain old lead + steel.

I'll be on the job, away from the TV, but watching closely. How many times will Kitco's live spot silver and gold price charts crash in the first hour? I say nine.

Note: New links to reports, videos, blogs and vlogs in the post below. Plenty of pertinent info.

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