Monday, August 15, 2011

Monday cinema & library (updated 10 pm HST)

11:04 am (Hawaii) Seems to be a change in the currents, how gold and silver traded up while the market was also bullish. Seeing miners in green with the market is common. SIL (Silver miners ETF) is up 5.2%. But the PM spot prices don't usually go up with the indices. My take is that some hedge funds are betting on more Euro printing with a "good" meeting tomorrow (France and Germany). Some funds are betting on more Euro printing with a "bad" meeting tomorrow, say if Germany tells France, "FU and your stupid banks for being greedy and gambling on toxic US vomit derivatives!"

Really, that could happen. I have my little handful of DGP shares and that's enough. They keep printing paper currency, I'll keep exchanging my monopoly money for metal.

If, as Brother Turd Ferguson surmises, silver does run to 44 by Labor Day (three weeks from now), AGQ could run from the current 210 (yikes, it was 208 a few minutes ago!) to near 300. When silver as 49 in the spring, AGQ reached 382. I've mentioned a few times that a run for AGQ from 220 to 382 is a 74% gain, while silver from 40 to 50 is only 25%. Can't know if the ratio will hold in a silver run; I tend to think not so much since far fewer buyers are extending themselves precariously on margin. But it is a question: better to ride AGQ for any sustained run, then buy more metal at a higher price? (Or wait for a pullback then?) Or just ride physical metal for the long term and forget the paper game?

I'm doing a little of both. There's always something to facts, numbers and history.

Update 11:44 am (Hawaii) Per CNBC, Steve Cohen has a call position of $628 million in GLD and ups his AAPL stake to to 598k shares from 255k shares. David Einhorn also announced an increase in his AAPL position.

DGP now 63.72 and AAPL up to 383.84 on the news.

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