Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tuesday cinema & library (updated 11 pm HST)

On Tong Society, Honolulu

2:56 pm (Hawaii) Overnight action overseas is never dull. Since my interest in gold and silver began in the spring, I became addicted to checking spot prices in Asia and Europe. It's not to the point where I need to check every 5 minutes or 30 minutes. But it's always interesting to see where price goes with or without blatant manipulation by Comex.

Currently, gold is at 1657 and silver is 40.65, both holding up fairly well since the close in New York. If the market, indeed, collapses in the next day or two, I may regret not going short via QID or FAZ. But I'm content with my mostly cash and physical metals position. In a worst-case scenario, the market plunges, money is pulled out of paper metals and physical metal price follows. Then I'll be happy to grab as much physical as possible at 39 or 35 or 32. A man can still dream.

Bigger picture, are we on the precipice of a gargantuan crash, or are we at now at the foot the QE3 mountain?

3:27 pm (Hawaii) Just starting on today's cinema and library. More coming later this afternoon. It's a hot summer afternoon in Honolulu!

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> "Some of the wilier tells in the mining industry ... stayed up even after the selloff in precious metals later in the day. This is my signal to hold fast and watch the market closely."
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> "My long-standing target is for the $SPX to give half of QE2 back — and that puts us to the 1225 area."
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> "I actually bought some NUGT and DGP on Friday, thinking the veil will be dropped a little bit on the Emperor when this deal gets done."
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> "There's no question you must continue to protect your wealth like never before. That means holding gold in various mediums: physical, ETFs, gold mutual funds and mining shares. Staying OUT of the US Treasury note and bond markets. Period."

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vamoose1: silver (Aug 2)

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