Friday, August 19, 2011

Weekend cinema & library (updated Mon 200 am HST)

Hawaii State Library, Honolulu

(new) Grant Williams: Chavez, Things that make you go hmmm... (Aug 21)
(new) Jim Willie: Hat Trick Letter, Issue 89 (Aug 21)
(new) Chris Duane: Out of the frying pan, into the fire (Aug 21)
(new) Turd Ferguson: For your consideration (Aug 21)
(new) Turd Ferguson: BS in TA with a minor in miners (Aug 20)
(new) Turd Ferguson: Saturday charts (Aug 20)
Jesse's Cafe Americain: Will the dog bark? (Aug 19)
Turd Ferguson: Friday fun (Aug 19)
Golden Truth: Friday quickie! (Aug 19)
Jake Gint: Goosesteppin' gold (Aug 19)
Le Fly: Having a problem here (Aug 19)
Kevin Bambrough: The greatest trade of all time (Aug 19)
Morris Hubbartt: Gold: Is it invincible? (Aug 19)
> "I suspect $1680 could be tested. If you have physical gold, just sit tight. For those who don't, I would strongly recommend buying down into the $1680 area, incrementally."
Adam Hamilton: Gold overbought (Aug 19)
> "The BIG money has not yet begun to move and is still parking. Corporations are at record highs with over $2 trillion in cash holdings also parking in Treasurys fearful of investing with the future so uncertain."
Scott Blier: You want to know WHY? (Aug 18)
Screwtape Files: GLD ETF Mechanics 101 (Aug 17)
Alasdair Macleod: The coming expansion of US bank credit (Aug 17)

(new) Temptek1: The gold confiscation myth (Aug 21)
(new) James Turk: James Rickards - Gold is money (Aug 21)
(new) Endless Mountain: The Silver Log - Markets open with further gains (Aug 21)
(new) Endless Mountain: Silver in two markets (Aug 21)
(new) MoneyBags73: Gold hits record $1878 (Aug 20)
(new) Endless Mountain: 1982 Gold Newsletter had some good info (Aug 20)
(new) Peter Schiff: Markets react to S&P downgrade (Aug 20)
(new) ScrapGoldBusiness: How to shut down the scrap metals industry (Aug 20)
(new) H1INC: Living off our reputation (Aug 20)
(new) Bill Still: Space alien stimulus (Aug 20)
(new) Michael Ruppert: Say my f**king name (Aug 19)
(new) BrotherJohnF: Silver update - America the beautiful? (Aug 19)
(new) Brent Long (manoftruth): Silicon Valley (Aug 19)
(new) Brent Long (manoftruth): Gold his $1850 on way to $4000 (Aug 19)
(new) Silver Futurist: Suze Orman buys gold??? (Aug 19)
(new) ScrapGoldBusiness: Businessmen finding cash hard to come by (Aug 19)
(new) Endless Mountain: Gold technical analysis (Aug 19)
(new) Endless Mountain: The Silver Log - Test Tw of $42.25 level (Aug 19)
chessNwine: Stock market recap (Aug 19)
Vision Victory: Mother Black Swan is swimming our way (Aug 19)
> "This is becoming the crisis of our lifetimes."
Victory Independence: Stop the Ron Paul disclaimer (Aug 19)
(new) Chris Martenson: Crash course series (part 1) (part 2) (part 3) (part 4) (part 5) (part 6)(Nov 24 2010)

(new) King World News: Ken Ivory (Aug 22)
> House Rep. on Utah Legal Tender Act
(new) King World News: Eric Sprott (Aug 20)
(new) King World News: Ben Davies (Aug 20)
(new) King World News: Weekly metals wrap (Aug 20)
Mercenary Musings: Mickey Fulp (Aug 20)

Blog commentary
(new) Tesla: For Irene (Aug 22)
rpalick: What's changed? Nothing (Aug 19)
Turd Ferguson: Comex silver closes above 42.30! (Aug 19)
> "The bullish cross of the 20-day MA by the 10-day combined with the close above the previous intraday high should bring LOTS of algo $ into silver early next week."

(new) CNBC: Citi raises gold price outlook (Aug 22)


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