Monday, August 1, 2011

Monday cinema & library (updated Tue 12 am HST)

Tibetan library

CNBC: Cramer on debt ceiling (Aug 1)
CNBC: Cramer's no-huddle offense (Aug 1)
> "Gold is underowned!"
CNBC: Gartman: Gold still wants to go higher (Aug 1)
CNBC: How safe are safe havens? (Aug 1)
> Lou Grasso, Rick Santelli, Eamon Javers
CNBC: Kass: Market's problems already discounted (Aug 1)
CNBC: Is Apple good for what ails your portfolio? (Aug 1)
stellaconcepts: World's first silver bonds! (Aug 1)
bigdad06: Hong Kong Exchange! (Aug 1)
The Weekly Telegram: Dunkin Donuts scam (Aug 1)
Wide Awake News: Backdoored again (Aug 1)
Wide Awake News: Our collapse is assured (Aug 1)
silverfuturist: Meet Max Keiser Tuesday 8:00 pm (Aug 1)
BrotherJohnF: Silver update - Empire of lies (Aug 1)
ScrapGoldBusiness: Real news, silver and gold report (Aug 1)
endlessmountain: Silver Log (Aug 1)
endlessmountain: Fibonacci retracement, part 3 (Aug 1)
PastorDowell: Debt ceiling update (Aug 1)
RonPaulCC2012: Ron Paul vs. Barack Obama 2012 (July 31)
Max Keiser TV: Max Keiser & SilverFuturist in NYC (July 30)

Money Radio 1510 am: Bob Chapman (July 31)

Kansas City Star: Cleaver's 'Satan sandwich' zinger (Aug 1)
Paul Krugman: The President surrenders (Aug 1)
Motley Fool: 1 more reason to hate AT&T (Aug 1)

Turd Ferguson: (am) Passing the time (Aug 1)
Economic Free Fall: How to spend less by borrowing more (Aug 1)
Fred Reed: Slouching toward Guatemala (Aug 1)
Sara Nunnally: Is the gold rally over? (Aug 1)
Martin Weiss: Day of reckoning! Tomorrow! (Aug 1)
Media Research Center: Rep. Conyers calls for protests at White House (Aug 1)
Phoenix Capital Research: Euro's death knell could come early as Sept 2011 (Aug 1)
Silver Shield: Why so quiet about the debt ceiling? (July 31)
Zero Hedge: Conscience of a gold investor (July 29)

Blog commentary

Scott Adams: Dilbert is preparing (July 31)

Metal bling
Quality Silver Bullion video: Minting process (July 26)

Spot Silver rallying in Asia

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