Monday, August 29, 2011

Monday cinema & library

Toby Connor: Bear market rally has begun (Aug 29)
Reggie Middleton: Banking industry still looks dismal (Aug 29)
Harvey Organ: Minor raid on silver and gold (Aug 29)
Chris Duane (Silver Shield): The Treasury is coming! (May 17)

I Bank Coin: PPT hybrid score (Aug 30)
James Turk: Richard Poulden interview (Aug 29)
Endless Mountain: The Silver Log - Case for $120 XAG (Aug 29)
Keiser Report: Chocolate gold from Geneva (Aug 29)
Scrap Gold Business: 98% of sheeple don't want to face reality (Aug 29)
Scrap Gold Business: Gas grass or ass - No one rides for free (Aug 29)
Royal Metals Group: Silver, gold investment going mainstream (Aug 29)
SGT Report: Chris Duane (Silver Shield) (part 1) (part 2) (May 21)

Peter Schiff: Monday show (Aug 29)
King World News: Weekly metals wrap (Aug 27)


Yahoo: Jim Bianco urges caution (Aug 29)

Metal bling

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