Monday, August 29, 2011

Stackin' and packin'

9:46 am (Hawaii) Of course there are things I'd do much differently if I could go back in time. One would be to have a more balanced approach to life. To saving. To investing. I'd have put some hard-earned dollars into physical precious metals. But it's useless to dwell on the past. Is silver still worth accumulating now? The answer for me is obvious, but 99% of the population will never go for the concept and reality of gold and silver as true money in the purest sense of VALUE.

My aim in putting my modest savings into precious metals is a deterrent, a defensive maneuver to protect the value. I don't assume the fiat dollars assessed to gold and silver will rise exponentially, though it is a real possibility. I just refuse to let my dollar sit in a bank with a putrid interest rate when there are alternatives like real money.

I played with my newest arrivals today. It was fun. Almost as fun as buying this stash a few Sundays ago when spot gold was at $1,660, just before the latest run to $1,917.

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