Thursday, August 18, 2011

Thursday cinema & library (updated 200 am HST)

10:47 am (Hawaii) As a nation, the American Dream was noble enough. It didn't work in reality. Families disintegrated. The broken home has become the norm with a 50% divorce rate. It was unattainable. In some twisted, unexpected way, we are being driven back to our roots. Families will open doors to relatives. Grandmothers will live with their grandchildren again. The lack of employment will force at least one parent to be home with the children, where making do will mean much more, and making dough will be literal rather than figurative.

I don't relish future austerity, but my guess is that many of us have gotten used to some form of frugality or another. If it means living on a farm and growing our own vegetables, raising our own food, is that such a bad way of life?

Update 2:30 pm (Hawaii) An amazing climb by gold in the Asian market. Gold hit a new high of 1834, now at 1832. Silver hanging in there at 40.74.

Update 7:17 pm (Hawaii) A few hours away from the world wide web and what happens? Asia has unleashed the dragon — the Golden Dragon. Spot is now $1,842/oz. Brother Turd Ferguson noted that crude is down, market futures are down and it looks like tomorrow might be a "bloodbath." I've come to expect the unexpected after all these years. I pondered re-opening a position in FAZ or AGQ earlier today. I guess what I should've been doing was adding more DGP! Not to be greedy or anything. No. Greed bad. Greed bad.

> "If the dollar is destroyed, all these people who were wise and frugal, they are going to be wiped out. They are going to be left with absolutely nothing. This is criminal — it's the stuff revolutions are made of. ... Prudence will drive people into buying more physical gold. Greed will drive people into gold stocks."
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