Friday, August 26, 2011

Weekend cinema & library (updated Sun 1130 pm HST)

(new) Chris Capre: Has gold unwound its overbought status? (Aug 28)
(new) Golden Truth: Idea that gold is in bubble is idiotic (Aug 28)
(new) Turd Ferguson: Preparing for Sunday (Aug 27)
(new) SGS: COT report, Perth Mint (Aug 27)
Turd Ferguson: Ahead of an interesting weekend (Aug 26)
Chris Duane: Silver Shield's final warning (Aug 25)

(new) stellaconcepts: Mike Maloney - Up close and personal (Aug 28)
Chris Duane (Silver Shield): A quick preview of the greatest truth never told (Aug 27)
Scrap Gold Business: How not to get scammed selling your gold (Aug 27)
(new) Jim Comiskey: (pm) Daily market insights - Metal futures (Aug 26)
(new) Jim Comiskey: (am) Daily market insights - Metal futures (Aug 26)
Heretic Productions: Silver! Final warning! (Aug 26)
> Silver Shield reading
Bull or Bear Report: Gold just fine while paper storm still coming (Aug 26)
Endless Mountain: Five stages in investing (Aug 26)
Rudy Martin: The calm before the M&A storm (Aug 26)
(new) Economics Cafe: Silver story with silver lining, part 1 (Aug 25)
(new) Peter Schiff: Radio show (Aug 25)
> 1 hour, 17 minute segment

(new) King World News: Dan Norcini (Aug 27)
Lew Rockwell: Ron Paul is first real peace candidate (part 1) (part 2) (Aug 27)
Jason Burack: Chris Marchese interview (Aug 27)
SGT Report: Bill Murphy, GATA (part 1) (part 2) (Aug 26)
Kerry Lutz: Chris Duane (Aug 25)

Blog commentary


archbus: EAF 2011 - Hell of a life (Aug 26)
(new) Jim Cramer: Buy gold (Aug 25)

Metal bling
ArgentPur1OZ: un ultime franc (Aug 27)

NOS Journal: Laila Abid

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