Friday, August 12, 2011

Weekend cinema & library (updated Sun 11 pm HST)

This started out as a Wednesday cinema and library, but I just haven't had the time. So it's a Friday Weekend C&L. Enjoy.

Jim Comiskey (vlog below) noted that Asian banks, including Bank of China, cut credit lines to France banksters like SocGen. Interesting that SocGen, which was down huge on Tuesday, was down again yesterday. Comiskey said SocGen was down 7% at the time of his video, but it ended up gaining along with other banks by day's end. Who buys financials when they're using manipulated rules and numbers to avoid appearing insolvent? I wonder how much of it was simply the market buying bank stocks at a discount, or was it the Fed/etc buying en masse to avoid a crash.

Market today was actually calm compared to the previous 400-point days up or down. I slept in, got up around 7 am and generally ignored the happenings. I did take a stab at FAZ below 62, but it was out of steam and I pulled out at almost break-even. I like DGP and FAZ going into next week, but I'm sticking to discipline and I'll probably wait until Monday before reconsidering any positions. Question is ...

1. Is the pegging of interest rates to mid-2013 the actual QE3 as we may not have imagined?

2. Is the pending collapse of the Euro monetary system coming next week or later?

France's big banks are in no position to win. They're eating toxic crap that originated in the US, and now the US is all over that shit making money on it. Typical. That's what makes me bearish on the sector and really, I should be long FAZ to 100. But I anticipate the probability of something out of the Fed in the next two weeks (Jackson Hole is on the 26th), so it's a tightrope up there trying to time the market.

I suppose a FAZ-alone trade has its extreme swings to come (81 to 58 to 76 to 60 in the past week or so!), but a DGP/QQQ pair might not be bad either. I lean toward sitting out and staying in 100% cash rather than deal with something like that. Someone with a large position in something like AAPL, though, could protect that bottom line with puts (not my style, but it's good insurance) or QID or FAZ. Another instrument to look at might be SPY since the 5-6% daily swings were highly profitable for the nimble traders.

I'm 95% certain the French banking system is about to hit the fan, and once that occurs, the dominoes fall across the land.

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