Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wednesday cinema & library (updated 10 pm HST)

(new) Silver Shield: Honest work for honest silver pay (Aug 17)
(new) Andrey Dahskov: Recent gold hedging activity - a warning sign? (Aug 17)
(new) Phoenix Capital Research: 3 reasons why QE3 ain't coming anytime soon (Aug 17)
(new) Phoenix Capital Research: Think the crisis is over? Think again! (Aug 17)
> "If you thought the first leg down for this market collapse was bad, wait until you see the next one. I fully expect the S&P 500 down to 1,000 in short order, or possibly even lower."
Turd Ferguson: (pm) This could be significant (Aug 17)
Turd Ferguson: (pm) Check this out! (Aug 17)
Turd Ferguson: (am) Wallowing in the mire (Aug 17)

(new) Wide Awake News: America's last days, the empire strikes out (Aug 17)
(new) The Young Turks: Chupacabra captured? (Aug 17)
(new) The Young Turks: Trump slams oil subsidies because of Buffett (Aug 17)
(new) manoftruth: In Roseville Thursday (Aug 17)
(new) H1INC: I got fucked in a ponzi scheme (Aug 17)
(new) ScrapGold Business: Video 1 (Aug 17)
(new) Pastor Dowell: What's going on now (Aug 17)
bigdad06: $7000 gold! (Aug 17)
> Guest: Gary Yantis
Carl Richards: Why making a budget matters (Aug 17)
(new) Tony Sagami: The myth of Chinese outsourcing (Aug 16)
(new) Peter Schiff: Hyperinflation, gold and the true economy (Aug 16)

Blog commentary
Tom L: @DPH: Chavez (Aug 17)
> Quoting Bix Weir: "The Nationalization of mines phase ... has begun. Share holders will rapidly try to get OUT of their mining shares and buy the REAL METAL driving prices further skyward. COMEX hedges will have to default as there is no metal production to cover forward sales."

(new) Gary Null: America's 14 most ready to riot cities (Aug 17)
King World News: Bill Flickenstein (Aug 17)
Marketplace Money: What to do with your money now (Aug 17)
King World News: James Turk (Aug 15)

(new) Washington Post: Companies paid more for wholesale goods (Aug 17)


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