Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wednesday cinema & library (updated Thur 2 am HST)

Waimea South Mechanics Library Institute
Tasman District, New Zealand

(new) Jesse's Cafe Americain: 'Looks like an option expiration week' (Aug 24)
(new) Dan Norcini: HUI once again retreats below 580 (Aug 24)
(new) SGS: Talk about timing! (Aug 24)
> Charles Schultz
Turd Ferguson: (pm) Turd tips his hat (updated for margin hike) (Aug 24)
Le Fly: The refiners are buys (Aug 24)
Jim Willie: Panic and anxiety swirl a storm (Aug 24)
> "Prepare for $2100 gold by January, and $60 silver by January. Like last year, the months of September through January will be ones for the history books."
(new) Philosopher's Stone: US Mint suspends all numismatic (eagles) gold coins (Aug 23)
> "Proves no physical gold to be had? No silver eagles available either."
The Fundamental View: Time to take a closer look at gold (Aug 23)
Gary North: Roubini, Marx and Keynes (Aug 20)

(new) Man of Truth: On the beach for 30 minutes in Carmel (Aug 24)
(new) Silver Futurist: Gold, silver way down, what is the fair price? (Aug 24)
(new) george4title: Becoming an economic nomad: G4T in Vegas (Aug 24)
David Morgan: 10 rules for silver investing (Aug 24)
H1INC: $8000 gold? $500 silver? (Aug 24)
Endless Mountain: BAC technical analysis (Aug 24)
Endless Mountain: The Silver Log - More lower prices (Aug 24)
Keiser Report: The fainting bankers of Wall St (Aug 24)
(new) Silver Futurist: $1900 gold!!! Now Suze Orman is saying sell gold (Aug 22)
Larry Edelson: Video market update (Aug 22)
James Turk: Egon von Greyerz interview (Aug 6)

Blog commentary
Turd Ferguson: Bottom projection? (Aug 24)
lakedweller2: Horror story of the minute (Fidelity) (Aug 24)

King World News: Peter Schiff (Aug 24)
> "50 is going to become the new support (for silver)."


(new) NASA: Hurricane Irene from ISS (Aug 24)

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