Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wednesday cinema & library (updated 1200 am HST)

(new) SGS: Silver coiling like a cobra (Aug 31)
Turd Ferguson: The PAGE is turning (Aug 31)
Business Insider: Former Reagan adviser: US debt is actually $211 trillion (Aug 31)
Dan Norcini: Monthly gold charts, August 2011 (Aug 31)
Financial Times: China and copper (Aug 31)
Gonzalo Lira: Mr. Cheney's victory lap (Aug 31)
(new) Jason Hommel: 10 biblical skills for managing wealth (Aug 22)

(new) Heretic Productions: Shit and shinola on banks of river of darkness (Aug 31)
(new) Christopher Greene: Time to acknowledge that US is collapsing (Aug 31)
(new) BrotherJohnF: Silver update - Jobama (Aug 31)
(new) Endless Mountain: The Silver Log (Aug 31)
(new) ScrapGoldBusiness: Talking about gold and silver (Aug 31)
(new) GuildF40: Metal and channel update (Aug 31)
(new) george4title: Costs of working in US creep upward (Aug 31)
Tony Sagami: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Profits (Aug 30)

(new) Peter Schiff Show (Aug 31)
> 1 hr, 14 min
King World News: Stephen Leeb (Aug 30)
King World News: Gerald Celente (Aug 29)



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