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6:07 pm (Hawaii) DOWNGRADED! Big news or late news? Seems big to me, though the anticipation of a downgrade by S&P of the US wasn't high.

Standard & Poors: USA long-term rating lowered to 'AA+' (Aug 5)

Los Angeles Times: S&P downgrades US credit rating (Aug 5)

Zero Hedge: S&P downgrades US to AA+, Outlook Negative (Aug 5)

Paul Krugman: S&P and the USA (Aug 5)

Update 6:53 pm Reading Reggie Middleton for the first time in many months is an eye opener. His expertise with options is phenomenal, but coupled with his analysis of banksters and flawed economic policy, it's remarkable to read. (Too bad I don't trade options.) In fact, I have questioned myself for doubting myself. I'm wishing I'd kept a small position in FAZ today, even at 62 or 63. There's a possibility I'll be able to get back in at that level, or even lower, early in the coming week if Bernanke says nothing to curb market fears when the FOMC meets on Tuesday.

Otherwise, it's a long 17 days after that until Jackson Hole.

Here's what Middleton says about the probability of Euro bank runs in the very near future. It's enough to make me want to move my little sacks of moola out of my local bank first thing in the morning. Because of him, I have learned a new, terrifying word: Eurocalypse. I have little doubt that when bank runs seize Europe, fear in the US will start to simmer and then boil, and it'll be a wicked time for those of us who aren't willing to trust Uncle Sam. We might still have time to get our fiat currency out, but one minute too late and the lines will be out the door, and things will be ugly when these domestic banks tell us all they don't have the dollars on hand, in the vault, to satisfy our demands.

It might never happen. But this is getting uglier by the day and I'd rather be a fool holding his cash and metal for safekeeping than see it all disappear in a shitstorm.

More from Reggie Middleton

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RT: Snow globe of denial, Reggie Middleton (May 17)

> Middleton on Bernanke, EU, US and China at 21:00

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Update Sat 6:10 pm (Hawaii) So is this what Joe Biden meant when he stirred the pot nearly two years ago?

ABC (video): Joe Biden: Mark my words, international crisis if Obama wins (Oct 20 2008)

ABC (blog): Biden to supporters: 'Gird your loins,' for the next president, it's like cleaning Augean stables (Oct 20 2008)

Update Sun 7:10 am (Hawaii) Just posted by Gold Money News, an interview by James Turk of Jim Sinclair at the GATA Conference in London. Must see. Click here.

Update Sun 9:20 am (Hawaii) One of the better interviews of Peter Schiff I've seen right here. The interviews by Silver Circle are a refreshing change: No time constraints or ridiculous denials by opposing voices. Also, a "lightning round" Q&A by Silver Circle with Schiff here.


(new) MSNBC: Greenspan on Meet the Press (Aug 7)

> Greenspan enters 25:25

RT: Jim Rogers (Aug 5)

ABC Australia: Jim Rogers (Aug 5)

Bloomberg: David Beers, head of S&P sovereign credit ratings (Aug 6)

Bloomberg: Roubini: Jobs number was 'pretty lousy report' (Aug 5)

Bloomberg: Marc Faber (Aug 4)

(new) SilverCircleMovie: Interview with Kevin Innes - Liberty dollar 'criminal' (July 1)

ABC Australia: Clarke, Dawes ask million-dollar questions (May 22)

(new) Silver Circle: Q&A with Peter Schiff (Feb 24)

(new) Silver Circle: Peter Schiff interview (Feb 17)

(new) Fox: US finds $1 trillion in mineral deposits in Afghanistan (June 14 2010)


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(new) Larry Edelson: Which markets to touch, and which to avoid... (Aug 4)

> Gold to $7,700; silver very dangerous, will move to 42-43, then collapse to 28-30.

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(new) Zero Hedge: G7 preparing statement to support dollar, EU before Asia open (Aug 7)

(new) Turd Ferguson: Re: Tonight. I have no idea. (Aug 7)

(new) Zero Hedge: S&P explains why the '$2 trillion error' is irrelevant (Aug 7)

(new) Zero Hedge: Citi battens down hatches, prepares for global risk offenses in a few short hours (Aug 7)

(new) Zero Hedge: Apmex on hiatus until Asia open (Aug 7)

> From *Attention - Due to the uncertainty in the global precious metals markets, we will not be able to accept any additional orders until the global markets re-open in Asia. We expect to be accepting orders around 6:15 pm EST, Sunday August 7th, 2011, following the market open.

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(new) Luc Vallee: The two faces of China (part 1) (Aug 7)

(new) Harvey Organ: S&P downgrades USA debt (Aug 6)

(new) Silver Shield: Turk, Sprott and silver (Aug 6)

King World News: Norcini - How S&P downgrade of US debt will impact markets (Aug 6)

> "I expect the reaction to the news in Asian trade Sunday evening will be the US Treasury markets open lower with gold opening higher from the get go."

SGS: Epic weekend news #3: Germany says, f--k it, Italy is on its own (Aug 6)

Zero Hedge: Germany says Italy is too big for EFSF to save (Aug 6)

Zero Hedge: Emergency meetings galore (Aug 6)

NIA: Shocked by S&P downgrade of US debt rating (Aug 6)

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Sean Hyman: US govt could take 14% of your wealth... overnight (Aug 5)

Zero Hedge: S&P downgrades US to AA+, Outlook Negative (Aug 5)

Scott Blier: What's it gonna be, near-term? (Aug 5)

> Chart: QE2 rally

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Le Fly: (pm) What does it all mean? (Aug 5)

Le Fly: (pm) The bottom is in (Aug 5)

Le Fly: (pm) New plan (Aug 5)

Turd Ferguson: (am) Post BLSBS (Aug 5)

Intel Hub: Costly US power grid tests approved without public consent (Aug 5)

(new) Roman Baudzus: Greek central bank adds to gold reserves (Aug 4)

Dan Norcini: Extreme volatility in gold as market digest rumors (Aug 4)

Reuters: Italy says Asia asking why ECB isn't buying bonds (Aug 4)

Turd Ferguson: It has to be said, so I'll say it (Aug 4)

Turd Ferguson: Overnight and tomorrow (Aug 4)

Le Fly: On second thought, today was not my worst day (Aug 4)

Washington's Blog: The average life expectancy for a fiat currency is 27 years (Aug 2)

Jack Barnes: The $1 billion Armageddon trade placed against the US (July 25)

Blog commentary

stingbee30: In these environments, you need to throw away the technicals (Aug 7)

GoldistheFuture: Jim Sinclair: 'This will result in producing gold mining shares becoming the utilities of 2016 onward' (Aug 6)

pailin: FU Italy :) (Aug 6)


(new) Bloomberg: Big foreign buyers likely to stick with Treasuries (Aug 7)

(new) Bloomberg: Greenspan sees stocks falling after S&P cut (Aug 7)

(new) Bloomberg: G-7 finance chiefs talk amid Euro, US turmoil (Aug 7)

(new) Bloomberg: Muni market prepares for lost AAA ratings (Aug 7)

(new) Bloomberg: Israeli stock index tumbles most since 2000 (Aug 7)

(new) Bloomberg: France's AAA rating may be vulnerable (Aug 7)

(new) Bloomberg: Dubai shares drop most since February (Aug 7)

(new) Bloomberg: Japan official warns of more yen selling (Aug 7)

(new) Standard and Poor's: Clarifies assumption used on discretionary spending growth (Aug 6)

AMEinfo: Saudi market crash raises fears over domino effect in GCC (Aug 6)

Reuters: China blasts US over debt problems (Aug 6)

Reuters: World leaders confer on debt crisses this weekend (Aug 6)

US Dept of Treasury: Just the facts: S&P's $2 trillion mistake (Aug 6)

Reuters: Fund managers see tough times for Treasuries (Aug 5)

Xinhua: NATO planning military campaign against Syria: Russian envoy (Aug 5)

Los Angeles Times: S&P downgrades US credit rating (Aug 5)

WSJ: Gold: JP Morgan 'loves' it big time (Aug 5)

WSJ: Italy speeds its path to balanced budget (Aug 5)

ABC: Govt officials: US expecting S&P downgrade — based on 'serious mistake' in analysis (Aug 5)

(new) MarketWatch: Harry Schulz's last testament (Jan 10)

(new) ABC: Not-so-safe deposit boxes: States seize citizens' property to balance their budgets (May 12 2008)

Metal bling

richardbask4321: Silver collection 153 oz (Aug 6)

Metal shop

(new) Silver Circle Movie round (Aug 7)

> Also, DVS silver token (1 oz)

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