Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Holy Apple

12:52 pm (Hawaii) It's already been a tumultuous day. Now this?

AAPL is trading flat in the past 10 minutes since the news was reported at 375.50. Never wanted to see this day come, but health is and always should be top priority. Wishing Mr. Jobs the best.

Update 1:01 pm Okay there it goes. AAPL traded down to 351+ in the past 4 minutes. Bouncing to 356+. Jobs is recommending Tim Cook as his replacement, but really, this drop is no surprise. There's nobody quite like Jobs. I think AAPL makes lower highs and lower lows for the next two sessions. Might be a bargain before the week is done, especially if Bernanke says zippo.

Business Insider: The life and awesomeness of Steve Jobs (Aug 24)
Business Insider: Steve Jobs' letter to Apple (Aug 24)

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